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О Делет Эрец

Ideal Doors for the Israeli Climate

Delet Eretz company offers high-quality interior doors designed to meet the specific needs of the Israeli climate and customer preferences.

Made from modern eco-friendly materials, our doors are highly reliable, moisture-resistant, durable, and easy to install.


The door panel is made using a "sandwich" principle with multiple layers of wood and various types of plastic.


Thanks to this structure, Delet Eretz doors are highly soundproof, moisture-resistant, insect-resistant, and do not change their properties over time.


Наши Приемущества

Protection against moisture and dampness

The plastic coating on both sides prevents moisture from penetrating the wooden core and altering its shape.


Protection against insects

Thanks to the use of special coatings, our doors are resistant to insects.


Fits any door opening

The plastic height in the lower part of the door is 10 cm, rather than the 5 cm used by competitors.


Fits any interior

Each model is available in multiple color options.


Easy installation

The unique Delet Eretz mounting system with 4 bolts makes door installation simple and quick.


High sound insulation

The thickness and material of each layer are selected to effectively capture sound waves and absorb them almost entirely.

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